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A Recommendation System Dedicated to M&A and Private Equity

A 3-Step Fully Automated Process

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence for your sourcing and origination efforts. Use Sealk to aggregate and combine large volume of data from both third party and proprietary data sources with the objective of turning them into actionable assets with machine learning and predictive algorithms


Data Acquisition and Aggregation

From financial databases
From web scrapping and public sources
From proprietary data and CRM systems


Semantic Enrichment

Proprietary NLP algorithms extracting meaning from unstructured text content


Machine Learning and Recommendation System

Identify affinities and similarities between companies based on their core characteristics, reengineered features and past interactions

Our Solution is Available Through

SaaS Platform

Annual License Fee
  • A sleek platform that enables you to access and visualise Sealk recommendations and data, save your requests and create alerts

API Delivery

Pricing per API
  • Powerful APIs that enable you to integrate Sealk recommendations and data into your own system or platform

Ready to make sourcing smarter ?

SaaS artificial intelligence solution dedicated to identifying and monitoring mergers & acquisitions opportunities